e-BRIDGE Capture & Store 4

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store 4

In today’s business environment a lot of paper‑based information needs to be integrated into your workflows. e‑BRIDGE Capture & Store is the perfect application to digitise paper documents and integrate them into your digital document life‑cycle, saving you time and money.


Following a three-tier approach Capture-Process-Store makes creation of digital workflows simple and intuitive. An easy-to-use web-based graphical workflow designer assists you when creating the desired document flows.


Depending on your needs you can either start with the entry level version, e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials, which comes with the most common features included, or use e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Server and benefit from a variety of additional features to create tailor-made workflows.


Capture No matter if it is a traditional paper based document or a digital file, e-BRIDGE Capture & Store 4 can handle both to start a digital document workflow. Paper documents can be scanned in using our intelligent Toshiba MFPs. The sophisticated, embedded e-BRIDGE Capture & Store client will guide you through the scan process, and will let you input additional index information while scanning. Existing digital documents can simple be dropped into so called "watch folders" from where e-BRIDGE Capture & Store 4 will pick them up and process them according to the defined workflows. With e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Server 4 documents can even be sent to the server by e mail. Alternatively you can use the e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Desktop Client application to select the workflow and add meta data to your digital documents. Process Proper indexing is key to successfully retrieve your documents at a later stage. e BRIDGE Capture & Store 4 comes with a variety of features that support you with that and make it possible to even index documents automatically. The built in OCR engine creates searchable documents from your scanned images, while zonal OCR and barcode recognition for 1D and 2D barcodes can be used to extract specific information from the document such as an invoice or customer number. The Server version not only reads information but even allows you to add data to a document in the form of annotations, stamps or barcodes. Or create your very own functionality simply by using the server’s scripting capabilities, conditional processing and optional modules which give you a maximum of flexibility. Store Once the document has been processed it is now time to store or distribute it. A variety of so called connectors allow you to send the document and associated meta data to 3rd party applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Evernote.
You can also distribute the document by e mail, share it on a file server and store the meta data in a database. If needed, you can even send it to multiple destinations at the same time or conditionally to one or the other.

While e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials comes with a fixed list of most common connectors included, the server version allows you to selected from a list of additional, optional connectors to connect to a variety of 3rd party applications. Two Versions available to suit your needs e-BRIDGE Capture & Store 4 is available as an entry level version (e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials) and a full-featured server edition e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Server. The Essentials version is great to get started with automated workflows. Capture documents from watch folders or use the embedded client for our e-BRIDGE X and e-BRIDGE Next models. Convert document to searchable PDFs, Word or Excel documents with the included full-text OCR. Utilise zonal OCR and barcode recognition to extract specific information from the document and use this meta data to e.g. define the storage folder for the document. Connectors to the common cloud services Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox as well as a connector to SharePoint are included in the Essentials license. If you need to create even more sophisticated workflows then e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Server is the product of your choice. With an integrated scripting engine and conditional processing the server product allows you to define your workflows in great detail - tailor-made to your needs. With more than 20 optional connectors available for the server version you can link your workflows to common 3rd party document management and cloud applications, to scan documents in one go to their final destination without further manual intervention.

Design your workflows by drag'n drop thanks to the web-based graphical workflow designer

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual workflows and increase efficiency and productivity

Customise e-BRIDGE Capture & Store according to your needs by choosing from a variety of optional modules and connectors

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