e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials V3

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials V3

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials helps to improve efficiency in the paper processing and digitising process by automating repetitive tasks of a document capture workflow.

The user friendly and intuitive to use e‑BRIDGE X embedded client allows the user to enter metadata information at the time of scanning. The "selected question" feature allows to pull information from destination systems such as SharePoint, Evernote etc. and display the retrieved data as options.   “Watch folders” can be used to capture digital documents from additional sources by simply dropping them into the designated monitored folder.   Zonal OCR and barcode recognition help to automatically extract additional information from documents.   Connectors are used to route and deliver the documents to the destination of your choice.   The following connectors are included: - Windows file system
- e-mail
- Dropbox
- Evernote
- Microsoft SharePoint
- Worksite
- Telekom Cloud
- Infotraq
- Mediafire

Enjoy a license package which includes the most attractive functions

Enhanced watch folder feature allows you to add multiple watch folders to a single workflow

Includes connectors for the most popular platforms such as SharePoint, Evernote, and Dropbox

Taylor-made embedded client for e-BRIDGE X multifunctional devices. Each application license includes one MFP client license. Licenses are cumulative, simply purchase an additional application license and add the license key to the installed application.

Automatically extract metadata from a scanned document thanks to zonal OCR and barcode recognition

Page splitting option allows scanning multiple pages in one go but storing each page as a separate document

Integrates with an existing e-BRIDGE Re-Rite installation (e-BRIDGE Re-Rite license required) to benefit from the huge variety of output formats that is provided by e-BRIDGE Re-Rite

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