As part of the Toshiba Group, we consider how people will live in the future, and the role we will be play as a part of society and as citizens of the earth. The call for solutions to different ecological issues, such as, for example, climate change, is growing ever louder. For this reason, the Toshiba Group has developed the "Environmental Vision 2050" - a company-wide vision for a rich lifestyle in tune with nature as the ideal living situation for humankind in 2050.

We are striving to contribute to society with passion and determination, creating new values and implementing this vision. Throughout the entire product lifespan, from production and use, to reprocessing and reuse, the Toshiba Group focuses on the provision of a safe and comfortable lifestyle, and the creation of added value for customers. Toshiba supports seeking harmony with nature and reducing climate change - through the efficient use of resources and the correct use of chemicals for the reduction of damage to the environment.

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• The world's first multifunctional system with separate processing unit for a multiple reuse of paper
• Save up to 90% of your paper and thereby valuable resources
• Innovation from Toshiba with many practical features
• Extraordinarily environmentally friendly through CO2 reduction


The newly-developed system from Toshiba revolutionizes the way in which documents are printed. Instead of throwing away printouts which are no longer needed, the paper can now be processed and reused. The separate processing unit e-STUDIO RD30 removes the text and images created with the e-STUDIO306LP. Through the significant reduction in paper usage, resources are conserved and an important contribution is made towards environmental protection.
As a high-performance departmental multifunctional system, the e-STUDIO306LP is equipped with the tried and trusted e-BRIDGE technology. A particular feature of this system is the creation of documents with a special blue toner. This is used in order to be able to clearly differentiate between permanent and temporary documents at all times.





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The protection of the environment and natural resources is an integral component of Toshiba's company policy. We are contributing to a sustainable society - through the efficient use of resources throughout the entire product lifespan. We support the reduction of climate change. At the same time, we understand the needs of our customers and ensure that our products are not only environmentally-friendly, but that they also bring economic advantages to the user.

Get to know some of our products with which you could become part of a greener future. How you deal with the environment and your resources in the office is your decision. ECO Solution from Toshiba - for the environment's sake, in order to easily save energy and paper - naturally CO2 neutral! Environmental protection that everyone can afford!

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In September 2013 Toshiba Tec introduced the world's first multifunctional system capable of reusing paper. As a result, paper usage can by reduced by at least 80%. In addition, all of our systems have been climate neutral since 2010. To these ends we invest in different projects, alongside the environment experts, co2balance.com, in order to sustainably compensate for the CO2 emitted as a result of our technologies.

As part of this, the system's complete life cycle, including maintenance and 250,000 printed sheets, is compensated for. This is how, to date, we have cut back more than 300,000 tons of CO2- and this figure grows daily. The Toshiba Vision 2050 should make our company one of the most sustainable firms in the world. For this goal, Toshiba focuses on reusability, sustainability and economic use of natural resources. Go Green.


• Through sustainable CO2 compensation, our multifunction systems and printers have been climate-neutral since 2010
• The production, transport, installation, maintenance, and 250,000 printed sheets are thereby offset
• With its cooperating partner, co2balance.com, Toshiba Tec invests in environmental projects such as: Energy-efficient cooking stoves in Africa, wind turbines in India, or the protection of the rainforest in Brazil
• Toshiba’s unique, industry-wide environmental initiative thereby makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.



At Toshiba, we consequently strive to protect the earth's natural resources. Together with the environmental experts from CO2balance, we have developed a Europe-wide, innovative programme, with which we offset the CO2 balance sheet from the Toshiba A3 multifunctional systems through investments in sustainable projects for climate protection.


Environmental protection is of particularly high importance to Toshiba. We therefore endeavour to protect the health and safety of humankind, as well as the earth's natural resources.

National and international environmental standards are taken as a basis right from the development and production stages:

• WEEE directive
• RoHS directive
• Blue Angel

We support environmental conservation and protection, through:

• economical use of resources
• environmentally-friendly product design
• environmentally-friendly product refurbishment
• the use of environmentally-friendly consumables
• the diligent recycling of products and packaging
• adherence to national and international standards

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